Because we haven’t heard of a yet another reboot from Hollywood in the last five minutes, it seems that Lionsgate is remaking the film ‘Cube’ and giving it the title ‘Cubed.’

This is a franchise that is both obscure and strange enough where a reboot could just as easily be another installment and no one would really notice the difference. That being said the writing team who is tackling the 1997 cult classic has Roy Lee (‘The Woman in Black,’ ‘The Lego Movie’) and Jon Spaihts (‘Prometheus,’ ‘Doctor Strange‘) on board as producers. On top of that, newcomer Saman Kesh (‘Controller’) is set to direct this re-imaging of the first film and Philip Gawthorne (‘EastEnders’,’Modern Life is Rubbish’) will be penning the script.

‘Cubed’ is being described as “a sci-fi survival thriller about artificial intelligence, humanity and the birth of a new “digital” race.” It will once again follow seven strangers who are trapped in a giant cube-like structure which I’m assuming will constantly be shifting and putting them in new rooms with new and intricate traps that they have to solve or be killed by.

It is a film that not only uses the horror of having victims being hunted but also the horror for many of mathematics. That is, the various rooms in the Cube can be determined to be safe or deadly if you are well versed in numbers and can solve the numerical code system in the rooms.

The original film not only helped launch Vincenzo Natali’s career as a director, but also spawned two sequels with the 2002 release of ‘Cube 2: Hypercube’ and the 2004 prequel ‘Cube Zero’.

Are you looking forward to a remake of ‘Cube’ or is this just another example of Hollywood being lazy and reusing source material? If you are excited for the film do you want them to stick to the source material from the first movie or include the government conspiracies, quantum teleportation testing, etc from the second film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter