Well, at long last SYFY is bringing an end to the ridiculous franchise known as ‘Sharknado’ and apparently, they are attempting to go out on a high note. In case the title of ‘The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time,’ did not fully clue you in, this will indeed be the final chapter in the ‘Sharknado’ saga, and it is indeed about time-travel. Which makes sense as when we last saw the hero of the franchise, Fin (Ian Ziering) at the end of Part 5, he was wandering the Earth alone after the world had been destroyed. Now it seems that through whatever means of ludicrous time-travel the franchise is going to use, Fin will have a chance to go back and stop the Sharknado that started it all and save the world.

The film is directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, who has helmed all of the ‘Sharknado’ films so far and is based on a screenplay by Scotty Mullen. During a recent interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Ferrante joked about how much they can do in these films but also felt it was time to end things before it all got stale, stating that:

“They let us get away with murder with these movies, they really do…[we ended it because] we respected the material and we respected the audience”

So clearly the idea was to go out with a bang, as the new trailer (which you can watch below) features dinosaurs, costumed heroes, and of course, sharks in tornados. It looks like a perfect bow on top of the insanity that has been the ‘Sharknado’ franchise, and I don’t think anyone involved would want it any other way.

Check out the trailer for yourself and let us know your thoughts on the final ‘Sharknado’ in the comments!


‘The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time’ will spin on SYFY on August 19th.