Global Experience Specialists, Inc along with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products are creating an interactive exhibit based on the world of Pandora from James Cameron’s Academy Award-winning ‘Avatar.’ The exhibition itself seems pretty comprehensive, enough to make you question if Pandora is actually a real place and not just a fictional moon.

The exhibit is 10,000 square feet where visitors can learn about the Alpha Centauri star system (where Pandora is located), experience Pandora at night in the Bioluminescent Theater, and become their own Na’vi in the Amplified Mobility Platform suit. There are plenty of other sections for visitors to learn about the Na’vi culture, plant life on Pandora, and how everything is connected on Pandora.

An exhibit of this magnitude certainly makes you awestruck by Cameron and crew in their efforts to make a fictional world as detailed as our world. Fox and GES, teaming with Cameron and Jon Landau’s Lightstorm, hope an appreciation of Pandora (again, fictional) will help visitors appreciate our home planet of Earth (real).

“This unprecedented global exhibition will create a truly memorable experience for fans,” stated Jeffry Godsick of Fox. “Bringing the world of Pandora to life and comparing it to the wonders of our own planet, the ‘Avatar’ exhibition will bring together immersive new storytelling and science in a tangible, engaging forum.”

The exhibition will tour in the fall of 2016. Three sequels to ‘Avatar’ are in the works with the first one to debut in 2017.

Below is the concept art for the exhibition where Pandora does seem very real.

Source: Coming Soon