With all the casting news surrounding the new spin-off of the ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash,’ with news flying that the show will feature Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Caity Lotz (potentially as the Black Canary) Rip Hunter, Hawkgirl, Firestorm, and the ATOM, fans and news media alike all assumed the spin-off was going to be an ensemble show, about a super-hero team of some sort. Well here’s another new twist in the road to a third entry into the ‘Arrow’-verse: it seems the preliminary title for the new show is ‘The Atom,’ which could potentially mean that the whole show will revolve around Brandon Routh’s character, Ray Palmer (aka the Atom).

When Routh and his character were first announced as coming to ‘Arrow’ for Season 3, there was a lot of fan speculation about whether or not the hero was going to be spun off as Barry Allen (The Flash) was last season, but signs pointed to that not being the case. And then came the rumors about the team-up spin-off, and while Ray Palmer was mentioned as one of the characters in the spin-off, we were given no sign that he would actually be at the center of the show. Of course this could just be a huge mislead, or a temporary title, say if they were originally writing an ‘Atom’ spin-off that evolved into the team-up show, but the name stuck around because they hadn’t come up with a proper title yet. Who knows? But for now that’s the name of the show, and potentially Ray Palmer will have a much larger part to play than we thought, and everyone else might just be a supporting player on the show, which would be kind of disappointing.

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Source: Cinemablend