Check out the new ‘The Flash‘ trailer that comes to us from Wondercon 2015! Although sharing a lot of footage with the trailer released during Paleyfest last month, it does have some great new shots not yet released, and helps to build the excitement for the final episodes of ‘The Flash’ and the end of its freshmen season.

Of particular note is all of the other heroes and cross-over characters seen in the trailer, including Ray Palmer (all suited up as the ATOM), Oliver Queen in Arrow garb, and Firestorm, who is barely scene in the background of one shot. We also see Felicity back in Central City (most likely alongside Palmer), and a shot of Captain Lance and Detective West digging up bones in the woods (my theory? those are the bones of the original Dr. Welles.)

We also get hints at what is to come for Dr. Welles, as we see a shot of the man in the Star Labs prison, as well as hero shots of him getting ready to battle Barry. One shot shows Barry, Cisco and Caitlin inside Dr. Welle’s hidden room, which I’m guessing is how Barry proves that Welles is hiding dark secrets to his comrades. Also included are villainous shots of the upcoming Hive Queen, Gorilla Grodd, lots of the Reverse Flash, and shots of Eddie Thawn shooting cops (same ones used in the PaleyFest Trailer, but interesting nonetheless).

I think the trailer is hinting that Barry will call in Firestorm and the Arrow to help take down the Reverse Flash, but that won’t be the season finale. As for Dr. Welles, it seems he will be out in the open as the season’s Big Bad in the next episode or two, and we’ll see his schemes come to fruition at last. All in all, it’s an exciting time to be a ‘Flash’ fan, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store!

Source: Deadline