Hot on the heels of news regarding Scott Eastwood‘s supposed role in ‘Suicide Squad’ comes a similar report on Karen Fukuhara’s character. Word is that Fukuhara has been cast as Bette Sans Soucie, aka Plastique.

Plastique, who has the ability to turn anything she touches into an explosive, was originally created as a villain for Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick’s ‘Fury of Firestorm’ in 1982, she has acted as a terrorist, a mercenary and everything in between. She has previously appeared in both animated and live action adaptations of various DC properties, including an early episode of ‘The Flash,’ in which she was played by Kelly Frye:

Additionally, Umberto Gonzales of ‘Latino-Review’ is reporting that even though ‘Suicide Squad’ is scheduled for release after next summer’s Superman sequel, the events of the film will actually take place between ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

This also reverses the expectations surrounding the previously reported rumor that Aquaman’s trident would be seen in Amanda Waller’s trophy case. The obvious speculation was that this was somehow connected to the character’s fate in ‘Batman v Superman,’ but now it seems as though it could be a hint of Aquaman’s status at the beginning of the film instead. This rumor also has the side effect of raising similar questions about the other DC films that have been announced. That is to say, will they be set before or after ‘Batman v Superman?’ In the case of Wonder Woman, for example, we know that her upcoming solo film is scheduled for release roughly a year after ‘Batman v Superman.’ What this ‘Suicide Squad’ rumor makes clear, however, is that we don’t yet know when the events of “Wonder Woman’ will take place. We know that Diana’s role in the film has been described as small, but until we know the exact nature of her involvement it will be difficult to speculate on the setting of her solo film. It could just as easily be a straightforward “origin movie” or a bridge of some sort to the two-part ‘Justice League’ film.

‘Suicide Squad’ is due to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.

Source: CBM