It seems that even with Romero’s son making another ‘Night of the Living Dead‘ movie that people can’t get enough of the world as Double Take is planning on launching three titles set in the world that Romero built. The books that will be released are being written by Bill Jemas, Jeff McComsey, Michael Coast and Peter Aquero. Aside from the three that are currently planned, the studio has two more set to also be released later this year with a maximum of twelve series in the works that will expand past the initial outbreak in Pennsylvania.

The first three titles that are scheduled to be released are as follows:


Follow our favorite siblings, Barbara and Johnny, from the classic 1968 Night of the Living Dead film as they try to survive beyond the night at the abandoned farmhouse.


Dead and/or alive, LBJ orders the Secret Service to bring him back a Zombie. It’s 1966 and the Oval Office is in an uproar; there’s been a spree of mass murders in Western Pennsylvania and reports of the dead returning to life. President Lyndon B. Johnson assigns the head of the Secret Service to send agents into the field to investigate. Agents Stuart and Clancy are given the opportunity to serve their country and see if the zombie apocalypse has indeed begun.


A happy family, a lovely spring evening, and Zombies. Home follows a working-class farm family through the events of the zombie apocalypse in western PA. On the night the dead rise, the Foster family has gathered for a quiet Sunday dinner. Oblivious to the horrifying events that will soon unfold, Paul Foster takes his wife and two young children into town, leaving his teenage daughter home alone with her boyfriend. As his small town falls into chaos, Paul has to keep his family together and somehow get home to his daughter, who’s left to fight her own battles.

After these three close it looks as if we’ll be seeing ‘Slab’ and ‘Spring’ released later this year though there is no word if they’ll be further expanding the location or just the time frame of this new expansion onto Romero’s work. With the original film now in the public domain there are quite a few takers wanting a shot at using the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ name and this seems to be one of the more ambitious projects I’ve heard of so far.

You can check out larger versions of the covers for the first set of books below:


Are you looking forward to a new set of comics that have an original spin on the world that Romero dreamed up in ‘Night of the Living Dead’? Do the concepts for the first three have your interest or would you have preferred that Double Take made an entirely new world for their zombies to play in?

Source: Blastr