With the fate of ‘Constantine‘ still up in the air, fans of the series will know its fate this coming April, or possibly May. While the ratings haven’t earned it an immediate second season order, it seems that Executive Producer Daniel Cerone is keeping the fans updated on where we are with the series and a little more on when we can expect some results.

According to Cerone, we should expect something at the end of April at the earliest and not the beginning so don’t start holding your breath quite yet. Chances are, though, that if the studio passes we won’t see the original rumor of the show going to Syfy actually happening as that news was already shot down.

With the show’s strong social media following its fitting that Cerone made the announcement to fans on Twitter:

Clearly the studio is still willing to consider having the series move forward. While that is a good sign, if they need to hear the full pitch first and we’re already into April, I have some reservations on getting my hopes up. While ‘Constantine’ hasn’t had a strong ratings level, we do have to factor in that it is on a Friday night time slot and is a good compliment to ‘Grimm‘ which NBC also has that night. To top it off, the series does have quite a strong social media following which may help push the studio into giving it at least one more shot.

Are you a fan of ‘Constantine’ and feel that Hellblazer deserves a second season? Is there a particular story line you would want to see the show explore if it gets picked up again? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend