A live action ‘Stargirl’ series for the upcoming DC Universe subscription service was announced at San Diego Comic-Con last month and at that time, it was revealed that on her show, Courtney Whitmore would help inspire a new generation of young heroes as a modern version of the original super team the Justice Society of America to battle the “villains of the past.”  Now it appears that the first of her allies has been revealed– Wildcat.

The version of Wildcat on ‘Stargirl’ will be the slightly lesser-known version introduced in 1985, in the comic book ‘Infinity Inc.’ created by  Roy Thomas, Dannette Thomas, and Don Newton.  This version was a Mexican woman named Yolanda Montez, who was born with superpowers after her mother was experimented on while she was pregnant with Yolanda.  She was the goddaughter of the JSA’s Wildcat, Ted Grant, an ordinary human that was a gifted boxer.  Because the Ted Grant version was still popular, Yolanda Montez never really broke out as her own star and was eventually killed by the villain Eclipso.

On ‘Stargirl’, Yolanda will be one of Courtney’s classmates at Blue Valley High.  Could it be possible for Ted Grant to appear, perhaps as a gym teacher?  The last ‘Justice Society’ comic book also showcased a group made up largely of children, grandchildren and spiritual heirs of the original heroes.

J.R. Ramirez played Ted Grant on ‘Arrow’.  Other Justice Society members who have appeared in the Arrowverse include Nick Zano‘s Citizen Steel, Patrick J. Adams as Hourman and Sarah Grey as Stargirl herself.  Some of these depictions have been more successful than others.  It remains to be seen which other legacy heroes may appear on ‘Stargirl’, but expect many of them to also be plucked from the 1980s ‘Infinity Inc.’ comic book and ‘Justice Society’ which Johns wrote for most of its run.

What other heroes do you hope to see as part of Courtney’s Justice Society?

Source: Omega Underground