Earlier this week, a rumor began to circulate about the possibility of a ‘Gears of War’ HD remaster compilation called the ‘Marcus Fenix Collection’. However, Black Tusk Studios producer Rod Fergusson has confirmed that they are not planning on releasing any HD remake of the first three ‘Gears of War’ games.

The confirmation was made via Fergusson’s Twitter account where he shot down the rumor but also teased about the new ‘Gears of War’ title. You can see the posts below.

This all comes as unfortunate news for Xbox One players who were looking to potentially play the original ‘Gears of War’ trilogy on the new platform. Seeing as how the ‘Halo’ series was recently remastered in HD in the form of ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’, having a similar treatment for the ‘Gears of War’ series didn’t seem like too much of a stretch. Regardless,  despite Fergusson’s statements, the possibility of a potential ‘Gears of War’ collection still has not been completely ruled out.

Microsoft acquired the ‘Gears of War’ franchise for an undisclosed sum from its original owners Epic Games back in January 2014. Ever since then, development on a new ‘Gear of War’ entry has been underway by Black Tusk Studios, a studio who had been initially formed by Microsoft to create a franchise that could rival the ‘Halo’ franchise.

Alongside the ‘Halo’ series, ‘Gears of War’ is one of Microsoft’s leading IPs.  Since the release of its first entry in 2006, it has spawned four titles including ‘Gears of War 2’ in 2008, ‘Gears of War 3’ in 2011 and series spin-off ‘Gears of Judgment’ in 2013.

The next ‘Gears of War’ title is does not have a scheduled release date just yet, but is expected to release exclusively on the Xbox One. 

Source: Rod Fergusson’s Twitter