Since it was announced that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction signed a deal with Universal TV to develop their creator-owned comic properties into television shows, some fans feared that the charismatic and extremely passionate writer of ‘Bitch Planet’ and ‘Pretty Deadly’ would be stepping away from comics a bit. However, fans who found her work through her now classic ‘Captain Marvel’ series have nothing to worry about since she’s helming a brand new series starring Carol Danvers for ‘Secret Wars’ and she’s bringing the Carol Corps along for the ride.

This June, DeConnick will team with Marvel newcomer Kelly Thompson and artist David Lopez for ‘Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps,’ a new book under the ‘Secret Wars: Warzones!’ banner that follows Carol and her elite squadron of pilots that protect the futuristic 1940s land of Hala Field. It sounds like a bit of a departure from the current ‘Star Wars’/’Indiana Jones’/George Lucas-influenced space adventures that our beloved Princess Sparklefists are embarking on in her current series, but Thompson assures us in an interview with that this is the essentially the same Carol Danvers that we’ve been enjoying for some time now:

“She’s a hero. She’s a pilot. That’s one of the things I find most interesting about ‘Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps’. She’s a very defined person and even when changing her environment and circumstances – she’s still that person.”

Despite the fact that this is basically an alternate version of Captain Marvel, DeConnick concurs with her co-writer and goes on to explain that this new corner of Battleworld offers a unique opportunity to explore another area of the character:

“The changes are pretty cosmetic. The costume is different. She’s not an Avenger is this world, she’s part of elite squadron instead. This is an opportunity to explore some facets of her, to reinforce some facets of her. Everything about Carol wants to go up. This is a Carol story.”

Considering that Captain Marvel is heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future to star in her own movie, there never should have been any doubt that True Believers would go without a book starring Carol Danvers. But we’re fortunate enough that the writer who ushered in great change to the character is able to stay on and continue writing this Captain Marvel that has affected so many fans in recent years.

What do you think about ‘Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps’? Are you excited to explore this corner of ‘Secret Wars’? Let us know in the comments below.