Mark Millar has a new comic coming out called ‘Chrononauts’ and artist Sean Gordon Murphy hid something kind of fun on the cover. First off these are ‘Chrononauts’ and not the hybrid croissant-doughnut known as Cronuts. So don’t expect to be looking closely for a tasty pastry treat anywhere as the secret hidden on the cover. The reason only 1% of readers will see this boils down to genetics.

We’ll get to that in a moment. First, the cover with the hidden image. Tell me, do you spot anything in the time piece on the left side?

1% of you are going to see something while the rest of us are not. SO what is hiding there?

Here is an explanation of what is going on in detail. Sort of reminds me of some annoying dress that made headlines for awhile there…

So that’s neat. A little bonus for those who have that super rare color blindness. A totally hidden Easter Egg that for many of us is well and truly hidden.

You can find out more about ‘Chrononauts’ and get an idea of what the series will look like below:


In CHRONONAUTS, Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are two buddies who love to have fun. They’re also scientific geniuses. When their research leads them to a time-traveling adventure, will they use their knowledge for the good of all mankind? Or use the space-time continuum for their own ends? CHRONONAUTS is the story of man’s first, televised steps through the time-stream and and everything going wrong in the process.

Source: Blastr