Potential SPOILERS AHEAD, anyone wanting to go into Roland Emmerich’s sequel to ‘Independence Day’ fresh and spoiler-free look away, as this whole article is about the plot of the upcoming blockbuster.

Jumping in, the film is currently casting, with the current crop of actors including returning stars Bill Pullmen and Jeff Goldblum, being joined by Jessie T. Usher and Liam Hemsworth, with Will Smith not choosing to return to his alien roots. It has already been revealed that the name of the sequel is ‘Independence Day Forever,’ which is just as inventive now as when Joel Schumacher chose that name for the third film of the ‘Batman’ franchise about 20 years ago. The last bit of information before we get to the plot concerns the future of the series beyond the sequel, as apparently ‘Independence Day Forever’ is being considered a “Part 1” of a revived series of films, meaning future entries will follow.

The plot points that have been released are not that far out of the range of what fans figured the film would be about already, but let’s be honest, no one was expecting a Nolan-esque plot from Roland Emmerich. In the film, 20 years will have passed since the aliens invaded the earth on July 4, 1996, aliens that were defeated in a last ditch effort by the united military forces of countries around the globe. Little did humanity realize that even as the destroyed alien ships plummeted to the ground, they had one last trick prepared. They sent out a distress call to their brethren amongst the stars, a call that will bring alien reinforcements to earth 20 years later. Based on the name and the franchise, I’m guessing the aliens will arrive almost exactly 20 years later, meaning the renewed attacks will begin on or near July 4th, 2016.

As Emmerich is not known for making sequels or franchises, it’s curious to see him go into production on this with the idea that he will make more sequels afterwards, unless he perhaps has some sort of trilogy in mind. Alien reinforcements suggest that we will see even more of the terrifying aliens than last time, with more firepower. But it also means humanity had 20 years to prepare, and 20 years to study the alien technology left behind and get our own technology up to similar levels. There are a lot of possibilities for where Emmerich is going with the film, but one thing is for sure, we will see plenty of destruction before the credits roll.

Source: Blood-Disgusting.com