In anticipation of the upcoming premiere of the their zombie series, ‘iZombie’ (developed by ‘Veronica Mars’ creater Rob Thomas and based on a comic published by DC’s Vertigo imprint with characters by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred), the CW has released two clips from the pilot, which are intriguing snippets into the world the show is striving to create. The premise is that a med-student named Olivia “Liv” Moore (ha, wordplay) attended a party that turned out to be a zombie feeding frenzy, getting herself bitten in the process. While she becomes a zombie, she retains some piece of her personality, and therefore humanity, and decides to go to work at a morgue to be able to satiate her appetite for brains without killing anyone else. Soon, she discovers that every brain she eats grants her memories of the person who died, memories which she uses to help track down the actual killer of the corpse, giving a heroic purpose to her undead life.

In the first clip (below), Liv Moore discusses with her morgue colleague why the news is not reporting on any kind of zombie apocalypse (when clearly she had been bitten and seen others of her kind), when another colleague enters, having overheard their conversation. He claims to be prepared if the zombies ever come, and proudly states that he would put down all zombies and potential zombies without hesitation, even if his own grandmother has a wound. All of which clearly makes Liv uncomfortable, for if her colleagues ever found out what she was, it seems there would be no chance of them letting her escape unscathed.

In the second clip (below), Liv finds another zombie to talk shop with, and they discuss what happens to them when they let go of what little control they have. The man insists on calling it “raging out,” while Liv instead chooses to call it going ‘Full-on Zombie.” It’s an interesting scene as it reveals Liv is not the only zombie in this world who was bitten and still retains bits of their humanity, and the ability to fit into society.

Aside from Rose McIver in the starring role, the show will also feature Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley and David Anders.

Look for ‘iZombie’ to premiere on March 17 and continue to air Tuesdays at 9pm on the CW.