The town of Grantsville, Georgia, the location that served as King County on ‘The Walking Dead,’ is now up for sale on Ebay.

In the season three episode ‘Clear,’ Rick, Carl and Michonne travel back to Rick’s hometown to stock up on weapons for the big showdown with the Governor. ‘Clear’ was regarded as the best episode of season three by many. In this episode, Rick reunites with a now-insane Morgan and Michonne proves her worth to the group by retrieving a family photo for Carl and, of course, a “too beautiful” papier-mâché cat.

Although three other movies were shot in Grantsville and the town serves as a popular tourist destination for fans of ‘The Walking Dead,’ the area is losing funds as well as residents. The former mayor Jim Sells is looking for someone that can revive the downtown area by placing a starting bid of $680,000.

“I’d like to see it active and thriving, and to be a positive part of the community. As far as what needs to be done, I’m hoping someone with a vision will tell me,” Sells states.

Grantsville is located about 40 miles outside of Atlanta and is a stop on ‘The Walking Dead’ tour. It’s 34,000 square-feet and includes a couple stores, restaurants and potential office spaces. Bidding goes until March 26th.

The world may need Rick Grimes, but Grantsville is definitely going to need someone with a large bank account.

Source: THR