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David Ayer’s villains turned antiheroes film ‘Suicide Squad’ has a lot to boast about in terms of star power. With names like Will Smith, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto and Margo Robbie to name a few, it sounds like a movie that any star would want to be a part of just for who is in the movie alone. But Viola Davis had a rather personal reason to want to be part of this team.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter,’ Davis was asked what prompted her to accept the role of Waller:

“As a comic book and Wonder Woman fan, I love the whole DC Comics universe. I traded comic books as a kid so all of that appeals to me. When you dream about being an actor as a kid, that’s what you dream about. That’s like play acting: being the superhero, getting the gun; it plays into that fantasy. How to Get Away with Murder changed my exposure. I don’t know if it changed the quality of roles as much as it changed the exposure. I mean certainly Amanda Waller is a fabulous character.”

Yes! That’s right! Viola Davis loves comics! But the fascination doesn’t stop there. Last month the actress revealed to Nerd Report:

“I’m fascinated by [Waller. I’m fascinated by her in this world of superhero-ness because she is not a woman that you would expect. I think that she is a massive contradiction. She’s this big powerful black woman, hard, ready to pick up a gun and shoot anyone at will. I’m fascinated in exploring her psychology, just put it that way. And I’m excited to pick up a gun.”

It certainly helps knowing the person who will be playing the character that will have an ongoing influence in the DC Cinematic Universe is as big of a fan of the comics as the people who will be seeing the film. Rumor has it that the role of Amanda Waller will be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Nick Fury so it’s good to know that Davis will have a personal interest in making sure the role is true to form!

In the comics, Amanda Waller (aka “The Wall” due to her aggressiveness and stubbornness with those who have to deal with her) is more of a political figure who is heavily involved in clandestine operations. Just as Fury is attributed to putting together the Avengers, Waller is the person who brings together the Suicide Squad. Margo Robbie already admitted to signing a multi-film deal with Warner Bros., so it isn’t a stretch to figure out Davis must have signed one too. And with Waller having a history with Batman, could the next time we see her be in the Batfilm which will star Ben Affleck as Batman and Jared Leto as The Joker?

Time will tell but we think the fact that Davis (who now admits she is a geek girl at heart) will definitely bring that extra something to the role, don’t you?

Suicide Squad will land in theaters on Aug. 5, 2016.