With ‘The Walking Dead’ eating through records to become the top viewed show on television, it should come as no surprise that Cinemax ordered Robert Kirkman‘s next big comic conversion to series. That’s right folks the exorcism based thriller ‘Outcast‘ is going to be coming to the small screen! Kirkman and Chris Black got together to produce a pilot episode and Cinemax felt that it has enough potential to be worth ordering a 10-episode series.

Kirkman had originally written the pilot for Fox International Channels. However, they ended up passing on it. After a bidding war. Cinemax ended up winning the rights to the series. Things have been rapidly moving along with a pilot having been ordered last July.

The series will be based on the ‘Outcast’ comic that Kirkman is currently writing and releasing through the Skybound banner and Image comics. It follows a young man named Kyle Barnes (who will be played by Patrick Fugit ) that has dealt with demonic procession his entire life. Philip Glenister (‘Kingdom of Heaven,”Demons’) will play Reverend Anderson who is trying to help him get his life back together. The series also stars Gabriel Bateman (‘Annabelle,”Stalker’).

According to HBO Programming president Michael Lombardo, “We are thrilled to be in business with Robert Kirkman, a visionary talent who has the unique ability to tap into today’s zeitgeist, making him a perfect fit for the newly expanded Cinemax roster.”

Cinemax and Kirkman himself shared the announcement on Twitter with:

I am truly excited to see more horror from the mind behind ‘The Walking Dead.’ While I’m not fully caught up on ‘Outcast,’ the first three issues really caught my attention. I think this is a series that we’ll need to watch out for.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Outcast’ when it hits Cinemax? Are you happy to see Kirkman not just making zombie shows? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline