Marvel’s main universe is about to come to an end but the storyline causing that to happen which will give us the new ‘Secret Wars‘ is also bringing us ‘Ultimate End.’ This new mini-series which has a focus on Marvel’s Ultimate Universe will give us the event that leads it to be destroyed. 15 years after it was first introduced to us. While many of the characters may find their way into Battleworld, just as many will most likely not.

The bittersweet moment will be brought to us by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. These two were the creative team that brought this fan favorite alternate Marvel universe to life in the first place. They had initially launched this universe with 111 issues of ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ though the event will not just be a tie-in for ‘Secret Wars.’

According to Bendis:

“What you’re getting here is the first announcement past ‘Secret Wars.’ What you’re going to get a sense of from here on out is that these are not tie-ins in the traditional sense. These are very important pieces of the Marvel Universe and for these characters. The tie-ins themselves are actually an event unto themselves. This would be it’s own event if there wasn’t a ‘Secret Wars.’ These are gigantic stories and very important, and what comes out the other side is going to be different. These series are setting you up and letting you know what pieces are coming out the other side. That’s what I think this first storyline represents. Look how big this is; this is the end of something gigantic we’ve been working on for fifteen years… This isn’t the craziest thing that’s going to happen.”


There have been many major events that threatened to be the final nail in the coffin of the Ultimate Universe from ‘Ultimate End’ to ‘Cataclysm’. This one will be the true end of the road to what we know as Earth-1610. While some of the characters will end up in ‘Secret Wars,’ we do know that they will all receive “closure” when the book comes to an end.

“I knew for a while [that ‘Secret Wars’ was coming] which was very freeing and allowed me to make a bucket list for the whole universe. And I wanted to tell the Peter story. I wanted to do the crossover with the X-Men. We’ve been getting them all done. The story we’re telling with Miles Morales will tie into ‘Secret Wars’ and tie up a lot of really big pieces with the Ultimate chronology. You’re going to get legitimate closure with a lot of characters. It’s very rare that you get this opportunity to wrap it up. It’s like television, when you get a final season. That’s how I’ve been writing ‘Miles Morales’… Will you see Peter in ‘Ultimate End’? Yes you will.”

I’m glad to hear we’ll have the closure to Parker. It is interesting that with his return he hasn’t popped up in the Spider-verse crossover. Though if there is only one totem per planet and Miles has become it, that wouldn’t be too much of a surprise. I’m just glad to hear that closure on the characters is happening. Although, I don’t feel that will be properly done on all the mainstream Marvel titles.

What are your thoughts on the end of the Ultimate Marvel Universe True Believers?

Source: Blastr