We’ve known for awhile now that CBS has been interested in turning the filmLimitless‘ into an ongoing series. Now the network has ordered a pilot for the show so depending how it turns out we’re one step closer to seeing that as a reality. The pitch is that they will take the idea of a wonder drug that makes whoever takes it into the smartest person on the planet and, get this, turn the series into a crime procedural. Procedural!

With an existing line up that already includes ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigator’, ‘Elementary’, ‘NCIS’, and ‘The Mentalist among others, this move shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The series will be written and executive produced by Craig Sweeny (‘Medium,’ ‘Elementary’) who has worked on the network in the past. While an ongoing director for the series has not yet been named, Neil Burger who was responsible for the film will be directing the pilot.

While the initial plan was to develop the series as a sequel, it sounds as if those plans have changed. In the series, we will be following a man named Brian Sinclair instead of Eddie Morra who has taken the drug NZT. The FBI wants to use him to help them solve the cases that they come up against. I suspect that we’ll see a return to the formula of a very smart and over cocky lead character as they’ve done on shows such as ‘Elementary’ and ‘Constantine‘. No casting has been announced as of yet. As we’re following a different character in the series than from the film, I suspect we won’t be seeing Bradley Cooper making any guest appearances on the show in the near future.

Do you think ‘Limitless’ is a good concept for a series?

Source: Cinema Blend