With Tom Hardy leaving the film and Jake Gyllenhaal not taking the role of Rick Flagg, there are now two new big contenders for DC’s upcoming ‘Suicide Squad.’ If rumors are true, there is a lot riding on this film. Events within could lead into the first standalone ‘Batman’ movie in this DC cinematice universe. So who is now in the running as the combined third stringers for the “Dirty Dozen’ with supervillains?”

The two names that are now standing out for the role are Jon Bernthal (‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Fury’) and Joel Edgerton (‘Warrior,’ ‘The Thing‘) . What is interesting with Bernthal’s name popping up is that he was actually floated for the spot last November which could be related to having worked with director David Ayer on ‘Fury.’ Fans of his work as Shane on ‘The Walking Dead’ will be quite used to seeing him as a character that switches sides so if a rumored plot line comes true we could potentially see him getting typecast as someone that you just can’t end up trusting.

Both of these two are rising stars, though they are not so big that if Flagg isn’t the central character it wouldn’t be bad as they have had had a lot of experience in being a supporting character in the past. They both have the potential to shine but can do just as well by supporting the leads in a movie.

It shouldn’t take too long to hear which of these two actors ends up in ‘Suicide Squad.’ They need to have this all sorted out soon. Shooting needs to begin to finish filming and post production for the August 5th, 2016 release date.

Would you rather see Edgerton or Bernthal round out the cast for ‘Suicide Squad’ ?

Source: Cinema Blend