Nintendo released a brand new gameplay trailer for Monolith’s upcoming action-RPG ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’.

Shown off during the January Nintendo Direct,  the new gameplay footage of ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ gives another glimpse of the immense environments that it will be taking players through when the game eventually releases sometime in 2015. While no real combat is seen this time around, the breathtaking lands and giant wandering enemies seen in the gameplay are definitely worth a watch.

‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ takes place in the year 2054, as two alien races engage in battle near Earth, causing rather significant damage to the planet in the process. With Earth’s obliteration becoming increasingly imminent, the human race is forced to evacuate the planet. The story follows the passengers of the White Whale, an American evacuation ship, as they crash land on the planet of Mira and attempt to establish a new hope while also warding off the threats of an alien race who hunts them.

To quickly summarize the gameplay of ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’, it operates under the conventions of an action-RPG with a real-time battle system that is much akin to those seen in an MMORPG. However, the game also has more of an open-world structure that is focused on exploration across its immense landscapes. Because of this, exploration is handled not just on foot but also in large mech suits called “Dolls” that can fly, traverse water and even transform into rolling tanks.

Initially announced as ‘X’ during a Nintendo Direct back in January 2013, ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ is the newest entry in the long running ‘Xeno’ RPG series. The game is being touted as the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ released on the Wii.

‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ will release as an exclusive title for the Wii U sometime in 2015. 

Source: Nintendo Direct