The cast for ‘Hannibal‘ just keeps getting better and we’ve just learned that Richard Armitage (‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,’ ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’) has signed on for the third season as the infamous serial killer The Tooth Fairy! For those of you familiar with Thomas Harris’ novels you will recall that this character was primarily featured in ‘Red Dragon’ and this will be the third time we’ve seen an iteration of the character on screen as he was previously used in the movies ‘Manhunter’ where he was played by Tom Noonan as well as in ‘Red Dragon’ where he was portrayed by Ralph Fiennes.

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On the outstanding television series, Armitage is set to play Francis Dolarhyde who is just a little bit unstable and will become known to the public as “The Tooth Fairy”. In the books and on screen, we’ve mainly seen that Dolahyde is not just a serial killer but also has been quite the well put together bodybuilder that has an extremely elaborate dragon tattoo on his back which plays into his secret persona. Not only strong but we see him wearing false teeth which is what helps him elude the authorities from throwing them off his scent.

I can’t wait to see how showrunner Bryan Fuller is going to bring this character to life on screen. Speaking of characters being brought to life, it is still a huge mystery on who has lived and who doesn’t from the second season’s stunning finale. With the third season primarily taking Hannibal Lecter to Europe and spending time with him at the start, I suspect that The Tooth Fairy won’t be brought into play until we return to the FBI agents in the United States who are brought in on the case.

It’s hard to say if The Tooth Fairy’s case will be resolved this season or lead into the fourth. At this point in time, Armitage is only signed on for six episodes for the upcoming season.

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