Hot on the heels of the original 9 minute clip Syfy released from tonight’s upcoming premiere of ’12 Monkeys’ (based on the 1996 classic film by Terry Gilliam), the network has now released 4 more clips giving us a look at the world and mission of the central character Cole (Aaron Stanford). Based on the clips alone, the show looks to be working hard to live up to its predecessor, with a great cast and an intriguing time-travel plot.

In the first clip (below), Dr. Railly waits for Cole at a hotel, where she and him had planned to meet sometime in the past. After befriending a helpful worker who takes pity on the woman waiting for her ‘friend’ to arrive, Dr. Railly eventually heads to the front desk to check out of her room, only to see Cole stumble up the steps of the hotel, wounded.

In the second clip (below), as Dr. Railly is treating Cole, his mind flashes back to the future, where he remembers the events that led to his traveling through time in the first place. We see him imprisoned, and then recruited by a scientist to fulfill a mission by going back in time. The scientist woman insists that he not focus on Dr. Railly (which we all know is not going to happen), as she is only a piece of the puzzle, the main mission presumably being a quest to save the future by changing the past.

In the 3rd clip (below), Dr. Railly and Cole catch up, with Dr. Railly explaining that she’s not really a doctor any more due to her previous encounter with Cole. He then explains to her where he comes from, and speaks about the disease that ravages the future world, with only a few survivors left that are immune.

In the 4th clip (below), Cole explains why he was sent to find Dr. Railly and his need to find the true architect of the deadly plague, Leland Frost.

Interesting stuff in my opinion, and I might just have to tune in and see how it all fits together when the show airs Friday nights on Syfy.

Source: Blastr