In a move that has nothing to do with Fox announcing a ‘Deadpool’ movie, Marvel has officially revealed that they will be killing off the fan favorite character this coming April as was previously rumored. After having a huge upswing in the past year from getting married and becoming a hero during the fallout of the events of ‘AXIS,’ it seems that once again all good things must come to an end.

Writer Gerry Duggan clarified what is happening by saying that “Even us telling you that he’s dying, it’s not really a spoiler, because when you see how he dies, I think your head will explode. Aas with all things Deadpool, even when something horrible is happening, I do think it will be enjoyed by the reader. Even the most horrible things that we’ve done to him, you know, are still fun. I hope. I think.”

So at least the Merc with the Mouth will apparently go out in a bang when ‘Deadpool’ #250 hits the stands (which is issue #45 of the current run.) No word yet if we’ll be following with adventures of a dead ‘Deadpool’ visiting Death or a group of ‘Deadpools’ to launch their own series as the new ‘Wolverines’ was launched this week over at Marvel.

Onto the conspiracy theory though, while the official line is that there are no problems between Marvel and Fox, it would appear that with more Wolverine films being released, that they had to kill the character off which was also followed by an announcement that the ‘Fantastic Four‘ was being cancelled shortly after the movie announcements really started to pick up.

It does seem to be quite an interesting trend.

What are your thoughts about the death of Deadpool? Are you needing an extended break from the Merc with the Mouth to get him out of all of these vs series that he is in? Is this just to put off helping Fox sell their films? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter