Previously on Eureka – Grace needs to go away for a while. Sniffle. Good news for Holly – they may be able to move her digital bits into a bio engineered body. Allison asks Jack to marry her… right now… as they are about to drown. They kiss and say I do.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Allison and Jack are finally going on their honeymoon and Jack has managed to keep it a surprise. Oh dear… This “honeymoon cottage” is not what Allison had in mind – she thought they were going to a resort in Fiji. Instead it’s a romantic cabin in the woods. (Riiiiight – if you’re Jason and it’s Friday the 13th!) But Jack looks so sweet! He even has a monogrammed tool belt for her! He knows it’ll take some work to get the place fixed up but it’ll be fun! He gets really serious for a change. His first marriage failed because he didn’t put down roots. He wants to do things differently with Allison by literally building their future together. He even has rings! (Geek girl SQUEE of delight! Ok Jack is THE perfect man! Bar none!)

Fargo and Holy are watching the build of her body with fascination and excitement. Grace explains that this is a one way trip – once they begin they can’t go back or they’ll lose her completely. And before they can say biomolecular engineering poofy walla there is a carbon copy Holly lying on the table before them.

(Holy lotta work batman!) Allison looks around in absolute disgust. The place looks even worse on the inside! It’s a nightmare of dust and dirt. She suggests they just take the whole thing down and let GD engineers start from scratch. Jack has turned into a regular old Norm Abram – what fun is it to have GD use their high tech toys? They can do it themselves!  As he’s trying to make a point his leg breaks through the floor and finds a GD safe.

Henry waxes poetic at the idea of creating new life. Zane is confident. Grace is cautious. Holly is a bit nervous. But Fargo assures her everything will be fine because they are going to do it all – go to Alaska to see the Northern Lights, go to CERN and make fun of their tiny collider. Holly’s ready. Activating transfer… transfer complete… things aren’t going well.  She flat-lines! Fargo understandably freaks out. No one knows what went wrong! Her memory file transferred. It should have worked! (How many times has Holly died? I’ve lost count.) Fargo kisses his Princess Leia one last time.

Holly heaves a mighty gasp and sits bolt upright! SHE’S ALIVE!

Andy pops out to the cabin to help Jack and Allison open the safe. All they find is a folder of papers. Jack doesn’t want ANY work during his honeymoon so he sends the papers off with Andy back to Eureka.

Holly is all jazzed up and tingly. Is that normal? Nothing is normal about this whole situation. She’s just so happy to be alive and corporeal! She hugs them all! Fargo is absolutely stupefied. He can actually hold her now!

Andy meets with Jo at Café Diem and tells her all about the file they found. He thinks it has to do with an unsolved case the previous sheriff was working on – a spy from the Consortium. Vincent seems a little too interested in what they are talking about. (What are you up to Vincent?)

Well the happy honeymoon cabin has sprung a few leaks  during the rain storm. Alison to the rescue! She brought a virtual cabana to use on the beach but they can use it here! Jack’s seen firsthand how those gadgets can devour a person so no thank you. But he’s got a plan! He’s just going to tack a tarp over the bed and call it done. Well Allison tells him “if you want any devouring in your future I would hurry up sheriff.” (Now there’s some motivation for ya Jack!)

Jo and Andy are doing some devouring of their own. They are scouring through the files from the cabin when Andy comes across a clear thick disc. (Curiouser and Curiouser!)

Allison comes out from behind a curtain in a sexy smexy red nighty and an umbrella (nice touch).  She joins her new husband under the makeshift canopy bed. And just as the mood is getting hot a giant piece of the roof tumbles down toward them! They get out of the way just in the nick of time but how’s that for timing?! (Poor Jack! Can anything go right for him?)

Holly is doing cartwheels around the room. She can’t get over how good this new body feels… HER new body. Fargo has prepared a bed in the middle of the lab. (Well well well! What are these two going to be testing?) Lips are working. But then Holly goes a little wiggy with paranoia. (Ok a lot not a little.) She thinks they are still in the Matrix construct and “they” are watching them.

Jack and Allison were able to pitch a tent in the living room to get some sleep.  (Ok so it’s turned into a camping honeymoon. That can be SO romantic!) Allison tries to make coffee but there’s no water which means there’s no water for showers. (The romance has left the building. So when do we think Allison is going to completely lose it?) Jack can fix this! It’s just the water pump. He’s got this!

Fargo talks about the paranoia glitch with Zane. She seems normal now except the part where she’s eating everything but that’s to be expected. Zane doesn’t seem concerned. Maybe Fargo should bring some of her things to the lab to make her feel more comfortable. Good idea!

Jo and Andy show Henry the disc. He thinks it’s a data storage disc of some kind. He scans it to determine is construction. It’s a lithium crystal which is typically used for optical data storage. Andy gets excited and kind of spills the beans a little so Jo has to tell Henry what they’re researching.

Fargo returns to the lab with some of Holly’s personal items but there’s no Holly.

Grace catches up Henry. (It’s so good to see these two back together!) He let’s Grace in on the secret – Sheriff Cob thought spies were among them at GD and the data may be on this disc. So he’s trying to develop something to play it. She convinces him to pause the research for a moment so she can have breakfast with him. They’ve missed too many breakfasts lately. He completely agrees.

Again Allison suggests they call GD to get someone to come out and fix the water pump but Jack insists he can do it. And so he does. Allison has a hot shower… that two seconds later dumps black slimy goo all over her. JACK! I think she’s hit her patience level.

Henry is able to find something to play the disc but he warns Jo and Andy that it might not play after all these years. A vague figure forms but is too scratchy to make out. The player then goes up in flames.

At Café Diem Vincent is having a pow wow with the citizens of Eureka telling them all about the cold case Jo and Andy found. There is a spy among us! Vincent thinks the people have the right to know. Jo is needless to say ticked with being the mouth of Eureka.

Allison is able to clean up somehow and Jack has a cooler full of fabulous food from Vincent. Oh crap… the seal on the cooler was not air tight and everything is covered in ants. Aaaaaand cue the Allison explosion. This is NOT the way Allison wanted to spend her honeymoon! She gets that Jack wanted to have a romantic getaway but he didn’t stop to think of what Allison wanted. Jack gives – he’s calling a travel agent. He was trying to do something romantic but nothing turned out the way he planned. When he turns on his phone he has 40 messages from town’s folks wanting to know about the spy. Spy?!

A shadow figure is sneaking through a lab. It picks up the data disc. Henry turns the lights on and busts… Grace!?! It was a set-up. Jo had leaked some info through Vincent that they were still trying to retrieve the data from the disc. Jo takes Grace away. (Oh noooo poor Henry!)

Jack catches up with Henry at his garage to check on him. Poor Henry is so confused and hurt. He can’t be sure of anything. He came back from 1940 to find himself married to a woman he didn’t know. So he has no clue what she could be into.

Fargo finds a very scared Holly in his office. She can’t tell what’s real anymore.

Allison confronts Grace about the deception. Grace swears she wasn’t part of Consortium plots and certainly didn’t help Beverly with the Astraeus hijacking. Allison can’t bring herself to believe her.

Zane tries to scan Holly but she keeps taking the scanner. He gets enough data to find her neural synapsis are degrading. He suggests they “reboot” Holly. Now that she’s transferred into the bio body it should be relatively safe. Jack comes in to say hi to Holly. Probably not the best idea since he KILLED her in the Matrix. Holly looks like a scared rabbit in front of a hungry wolf! She springs for his gun.  Holly “he’s a baaaad man.” Fargo steps between the gun and Jack. After calmly talking to her he’s finally able to get the gun from her. (Poor Holly.)

Zane puts her back on the table to try the reboot. The process looks crazy painful. Did it work? Her systems are stable. But did her mind make it?

Henry visits Grace in lock-up. There was a time when she believed in the Consortium’s plan to monitor GD but when they started to get violent he wanted out. He demands to know who’s on that disc. Given enough time he CAN restore the data. She can’t tell him and she doesn’t want him to restore that disc… because HE’s the one on it. He’s the one that taught her everything she knows. He is the Consortium spy!

Holly will not stop talking. Zane does a diagnostic and everything is fine. She seems tip top. No synaptic degradation. No paranoia.

Jack is back at the cabin fixing the roof. Sparingly Allison arrives to give him a hand. She explains that she sees what Fargo is willing to do for Holly and what Henry is going through with Grace so she feels she needs to be with Jack. She’ll help him if he promises the next trip is Fiji.

Wow! How many times can they kill Holly! It was sad and then adorable the first time but seriously guys enough is enough! There are only 3 episodes left! You can’t be wasting precious story time on killing Holly again. Ok so they’ve finished the Holly/Fargo thread (hopefully). She has a body that Fargo can love. They’ve married off Jack and Allison so they can put that thread to bed. What other loose story threads are dangling?  What are they going to do in the next three episodes?

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