Sony has announced the pricing model for their subscription-based game streaming service, PlayStation Now.

Starting January 13 in the US and Canada, the game streaming service will be offered under two different models. The first comes at $19.99 for one month while the second offers three months for $44.99 coming in at around $15 per month.

For those unaware, PlayStation Now is a service which will allow gamers to download and stream games from a vast library of over 100 PS3 titles without the requirement for any game downloads, installations or patches. All saved data from the games will accumulate on Sony’s proprietary cloud servers. Using the service, players can even stop their progress on a current system and then continue on another. For example, if you need to go somewhere while you play a PS3 game on your PS4, you can continue playing that very same game on the PS Vita on the go.

Originally announced during CES 2014 and initially launched as a digital rental service where players could rent specific games for different prices, the subscription based version of PlayStation Now will allow gamers to access a wider variety of PS3 games than what’s out for single rental under one price.

PlayStation Now will offer big name PS3 titles like ‘The Last of Us’, ‘InFAMOUS’, ‘Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time’ and ‘God of War: Ascension’ just to name a small handful. A full list of the initial lineup of PS3 games offered through the game streaming service can be found on the PlayStation Now site.

PlayStation Now definitely looks to be Sony’s solution towards addressing concerns over the PS4’s lack of backwards compatibility with previous generation PlayStation games. As an ongoing issue for the core PlayStation consumers, it looks like the streaming service could be their means to play their cherished games of the past albeit having to pay additional money in order to subscribe. Outside of that, the service definitely looks to be putting its appeal onto those who haven’t experienced games on the PS3.

PlayStation Now launches in the US and Canada on January 13.

Source: PlayStation Blog