In 2015 we’re going to be seeing ‘The Walking Dead‘ return but that might not be the case for viewers in China. Apparently to ring in the new year the country, under The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television is cracking down on what kind of content that its citizens can legally watch in their homes. This truly kicks in on April 1st, 2015 when any foreign movies or television shows will need to be registered with the government before they can be aired to the populace.

With all content now having to promote both domestic and “healthy” content that may prove to end up being horrible news for ‘The Walking Dead.’ While the country already has a huge population that loves the series, this new regulation may end up blocking the show.

I mean let’s be honest, decreasing human on human, zombie on human, and human on zombie violence content would be quite easy by taking ‘The Walking Dead’ off the air. The death, violence, gore, and non-domestic content (Lori anyone?) clearly is going to land it on the censor list pretty quickly.

While the idea of censorship isn’t a new way of thinking on how the Chinese government works on these issues. The registration process is new and the walkers seem to be on the list of characters they won’t be able to view anymore. While the Great Firewall Of China blocks a lot of content, there are a ton of people who know ways around it and I suspect this may help to push ‘The Walking Dead’ into taking the top pirated series of 2015.

At the very least it’ll give ‘Game of Thrones’ a run for its money.

What do you think about censorship blocking ‘The Walking Dead’? Do you think governments should censor what their citizens should be able to see? Share your thoughts below.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns on Sunday, February 8th at 9/8c

Source: Cinema Blend