Cinematic video game adaptations just haven’t been taking off so Fox 21 Television Studios and McG’s (‘The Babysitter’,’Terminator Salvation’) Wonderland Sound & Vision are going a different route with ‘Vampyr’ – they are taking it to the small screen. The two production companies have teamed up with DJ2 Entertainment to bring this project to life. While the news is still fresh after the studios picked up the rights, at this time it looks as if McG will be both an executive producer on the series with Wonderland’s Mary Viola and Corey Marsh and DJ2’s Dmitri Johnson and Stephan Bugaj and will be directing it as well.

It isn’t clear if he’ll be directing the entire series or just the pilot and potentially the season finale.

The video game was initially created by the France-based developer Dontnod Entertainment which was later published by Focus Home Interactive. It was launched on June 5th and has been received with rave reviews, high sales, and a plot that is deep enough to be adapted to an ongoing storyline.

For those unfamiliar with the story, it takes place in London in 1918 with a focus on a doctor who suddenly becomes a vampire. He is of strong will and has to fight his new nature and urges for blood and his moral purpose of saving lives. On top of this, a virus is spreading across the land which he is likely the only one who can find a cure for it. To stay alive, he must continue to take the lives of others, and he has to decide which lives to take in order to keep himself alive and find a cure to prevent certain death for the rest of the citizens in his community.

With McG already having three films on Netflix, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the streaming giant pick this one up as well.

Do you think that ‘Vampyr’ has the right story for an ongoing series? Which network do you feel would be best to house ‘Vampyr’ when it is released? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline