While NBC’s recent first season run of ‘Constantine‘ hasn’t had everyone a buzz like DC’s other shows like ‘Arrow‘ and ‘Flash,’ Matt Ryan is confident that he will return as the character. While we’re only on episode 8 of the first 13 episode season though he truly believes that enough fans have become invested in the show to have the ratings and interest to warrant a second season. Which is probably good for those tuning in as it is finally starting to evolve from a “monster of the week” formula into more of an ongoing plot as both characters have been developed and we’ve been increasingly introduced to the dark world that John Constantine lives in as more of the rich ‘Hellblazer’ universe has been explored from the comic series.

It isn’t broadcast ratings that look as if it will save the show but a very high level of DVR numbers. With the success that other DC themed shows have had, there is a lot of potential here and I’m sure the expanded universe that they can create isn’t one that they’d want to lose by an early cancellation while the show’s fanbase is still growing.

I mean while I liked it right off the bat, I’m sure everyone remembers how long it took Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ to truly get traction with the viewers. It wasn’t until the events from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘ hit the series that it truly picked up.

Matt Ryan is one of the most vocal fans of the show. Not just because it is his job on the line but he has long keenly shown his love for the source material as a true fan of the comics. What it breaks down to,though, is this is why he believes that another season is in store for us:

“I am confident and I’m hopeful. There is a huge fanbase for the comics out there, and I don’t really read press myself, but I’m on Twitter, and the feedback we’ve been getting from the fans is the show is getting stronger, finding our feet, and moving forward. The show and what we have set up has such potential, and has such potential for Warner Bros. and DC and NBC. I’m a fan of the comics, and … I’m not done with this character. I don’t feel like I’ve fleshed him out completely yet.”

He clearly feels that the characters are evolving and the most recent episodes have done the best job at demonstrating that:

“As with any show, there are so many different components to the machine that it takes a while for anyone to find their groove and to flesh out the tone. I think in “A Feast of Friends” we actually hit on a right tone to pursue. Playing John, I thought it felt right, the tone felt right. My favorite episodes are eight and nine. What I love about that, it is a two-parter and you get to go on this journey with everybody; it’s like a mini-movie. The key to the show is about the relationships, and when you start you have to establish those relationships, those characters, then you get to explore them. As we’ve gone on, we’ve explored different parts of John through these various characters.”

One of the key things about Constantine’s character is that he really is a bastard. While we’ve seen hints at that on the show he’s not quite as far into it as the comic equivalent is so far, but there’s a reason for that which makes complete sense:

“Yeah, it’s that thing, isn’t it, of finding what moves? What can we do, what can’t we do, how far can we push it? As we go further down the line, we see a lot more smoking and drinking. Also, in the comics, John is an absolute bastard. But if you start out like that … you have to let the new audience in a little bit. You can get there, but you have to progress the character as well, so it’s not something we wanted to hit hard with straightaway. We wanted to develop it and grow into. It is something to me, as well, of getting to know the life of the character — and finding where to push. Fleshing that out is a process. Over the course of the season you see all the components of what Hellblazer is coming together.”

If the show continues on though people may wonder who else may show up from Constantine’s usual set of friends or partners and they are leaving that pretty open ended:

“Yes, most definitely. Obviously the show originally was going to be 22 episodes, and what [executive producers David Goyer and Daniel Cerone] have planned is a lot of that stuff. There is not going to be much holding back in terms of bringing characters in, and where we go with them. The thing is, especially in the first season, you have to establish the main characters and build the relationship with the audience. Then you have to build the relationship with that character. Papa Midnite keeps coming back, Jim Corrigan comes back, Anne-Marie we see in the two parts — and we see that relationship and get into more in the future. Also there is a plan to bring in Judith and other members of the Newcastle Crew. That is something we can explore down the line using flashbacks to what happened in Newcastle. That is just in John’s world. There is Felix Faust, who we have in Episode 10, and a bunch of other characters that will come into play. A universe is opened up to us; it’s just a matter of building the show in the right way.”

While these are the key points, you can read more of the interview over at Blastr. That being said, I love it that the lead actor is such a huge fan of the show and really hope that ratings are able to continue to rise and give it a good chance for at least a second season to truly spread its wings and grow.

What are your thoughts on ‘Constantine’ so far? Do you think that Ryan has been doing a good job in the role? Share your thoughts below!