Welcome back to another episode recap of ‘Warehouse 13!’ This week Steve and Claudia try to disconnect Steve from the metronome’s influence while Artie finally confesses what he’s been up against. And, of course, there is the weekly artifact hunt. So grab your neutralizer gloves and your Farnsworths and let’s get to recapping!


Now that everyone knows about Brother Adrian, they begin to question Artie about what he is hiding. Instead of answering, Artie sends Pete and Myka on an artifact pursuit that is causing people to rust and tells Steve and Claudia to figure out how to get out from under the metronome. Artie informs that the metronome belonged to the composer Robert Schumann. When he tried to kill himself, his fiancé kept him alive via the metronome which also caused him to go insane. Schumann was able to get out from the metronome’s influence and wrote about it in a journal entry stating that to live free one must find their own heart and make a pure start from where once came. From this, Claudia deduces that the answer to their conundrum must lie where Steve was born – in New Jersey.

With all the agents gone, Artie thinks he is now alone except Mrs. Fredric, H.G. and Leena all appear and asks about Brother Adrian. Mrs. Frederic knew something had happened and demands to know what he did. Artie confesses. He tells them what happened in the original timeline.

Mrs. Fredric assures Artie he made the right decision but wants to know the repercussions of him using the astrolabe. He tells her that Brother Adrian told him he has released a great evil of his own making that he must live with for the rest of his days.

In W. Virginia, Pete and Myka talk to Lenny, the man who is rusting away. He tells them that the only person who could hate him is his boss Hank Siskel. The agents decide to visit the steel mill where they witness Siskel trying to get past the striking workers. Once he passes through, they speak to some of the protestors when all of the sudden another worker begins to cough up rust.

After bringing the worker to the hospital, Pete tells Artie the common denominator between the two workers is their boss Siskel who was in a scuffle with both of them before they became ill. But before the agents could go on, Mrs. Frederic takes control of the Farnsworth and tells them to handle the case themselves.

She demands answers from Artie. H.G., Leena and her want to know what this evil he supposedly created was. Artie tells them of the “vision” he has of Claudia stabbing him with a dagger. Mrs. Frederic doubts it is Claudia. If it was, she’d feel it. She suggests that the evil is Brother Adrian himself.

Claudia and Steve arrive at Steve’s childhood home in New Jersey. He warns Claudia that he and his mom, Emma, had a fight and is reluctant to see his mom again. From the reaction of his mom when he reaches the door, it’s been awhile since they’ve seen each other. She greets Steve and Claudia warmly.

Emma tries to catch up with her son but he is reluctant to let her know anything. Frustrated, she asks him when they will talk about “it.” Steve tells her there’s nothing to talk about and the only reason he’s there is because he has to do something at the house. Once it’s done, he’ll be out of her hair. She tells him that she doesn’t want him out of her hair and walks out.

Back at the B&B, H.G. states that Brother Adrian being the big evil makes sense. Mrs. Frederic tells him that his vision of Claudia could have been a subconscious thought implanted by Brother Adrian. She will talk to the Regents and see what they can do with the Brotherhood.

As. Mrs. Frederic and Leena leave, Artie confronts H.G. telling her he didn’t want the involvement of others. She tells him that she was trying to help him and didn’t want to lose him like she lost other agents. Artie wonders if they won’t all regret this.

Steve and Claudia try to see if they can get off the metronome. She takes it out and puts her hand on his heart as they focus. It doesn’t work. With the metronome stopped, Steve and Claudia begin gasping for air. Emma hears them and rushes in the room as Claudia restarts the metronome and they both begin to breathe normally. Steve becomes angry and stomps out.

At the hospital, Myka talks to the newest victim, Karen Miller. She confirms that she’s never met Siskel or the other two victims. She states that she doesn’t know any of them but does do a little boxing at Tully’s gym where some of the other steel workers work out.

They head to the gym where Pete decides the best way to find out if Sam is the cause of the rusting is to go mano-a-mano with the other steel workers in the ring. While Pete is getting beat up, Myka is talking to Artie to figure out what the artifact could be that was causing people to rust. Sam finds out that Pete is asking questions about him and lunges toward Pete but the other steel workers hold him back. Cody comes in and fights Pete on behalf of Sam and knocks him out.

Claudia meanwhile tries to explain to Emma why they are there. Emma thought Steve was there to finally talk about the fight they had about her not asking for the death penalty against the man who killed Olivia, her daughter and Steve’s sister. While looking at Schumann’s entry, she tells Claudia this reminds her of a poem she read when her children were born. Claudia finally realizes what Steve needs to do.

She talks to Steve in his childhood room and tells him that his mom may be the key to getting off the metronome. Emma comes in to explain why she did what she did. She tells Steve that he needs to get over his anger by thinking of his sister and not about the man who killed her. Steve breaks down not knowing how to get rid of all the years of anger.

Pete finally comes to but is still a bit woozy. Myka tells him she thinks it’s Cody who is causing the rust. As Cody is fighting in the ring, Sam yells for him to win for his dad who was hurt in a mill accident. Sam begins to cough as the agents question him about Cody and realize that Cody is the connection to the three victims. Just as Cody knocks out an opponent, Myka takes a photo that shows a ghost-like amour on Cody’s left arm.

At the hospital, the agents visit Cody’s dad who tells them about the accident. He tells them that Cody saved his life by catching hold of him and hoisting him with one arm when he fell over a scaffold. When he thinks the agents are accusing Cody of taking steroids, he gets upsets and tells them he is an honorable man even earning a purple heart by saving squad members from an explosion in Iraq.

Myka sees that the explosion occurred at the Bagdad National Museum. They call Artie who confirms that the south wing of the museum did house Peloponnesian artifacts such as the Spartan armor that is said to be imbued by the Greek warriors’ strength and defiance. Myka realizes that Cody may have shrapnel from the artifact still inside him from the explosion. As the agents decide what to do, they don’t realize Cody has overheard it all until a nurse calls out his name. Cody angrily questions Pete about when they were planning on telling him that he was the one making everyone sick and runs out of the hospital.

Steve makes his way to his mom and apologizes. As they hug, Claudia joins in but when she touches the metronome, Emma starts choking. Steve is in a panic and takes the metronome and throws it against the fireplace. Emma begins to breathe again and Steve and Claudia realize that they both are still alive even with the metronome destroyed. That was what was needed. In an act of pure love, Steve sacrificed his life for his mom.

Cody heads to the mill and confronts Siskel. As he gets angry, his arm turns into armor. As he’s about to hit the swarmy boss man, Pete gets in the way allowing Siskel to run away. Pete tries to reason with Cody but he is filled with rage and continues to pummel Pete who begins to rust. Pete finally is able to stop Cody from hitting him by using reason. As he steps away from Pete, Myka comes and tells Cody the only way to make everyone better is to remove the shrapnel from his chest. He tells them they can’t as it is too close to his heart and he’ll die. So Myka decides to inject neutralizer fluid into his chest neutralizing the shrapnel and everybody lives!

At the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederic takes the astrolabe from its hiding place in the Dark Vault and tells H.G. to take it with her and disappear. She is not to contact anyone as the Brotherhood will do anything to force Artie to use it. Mrs. Frederic’s parting words to her are to trust no one…

The showdown between Brother Adrian and Artie is now underway. With only two more episodes to go before the series goes on hiatus, how will this all end? Who really is the big evil? Claudia? Brother Adrian? Maybe it’s Artie himself? And when did Mrs. Frederic become so accommodating with the use of an artifact? Something is quite not right with her and I don’t just mean that streak of grey that she acquired in this timeline.

What say you fellow agents? What are your theories?

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Until next week…