Ever since Zack Snyder released the monochrome photo of Ben Affleck in the batsuit standing next to the new batmobile, fans around the world have been attempting to colorize the photo to get an idea of what the caped crusader was going to look like in Warner Bros’ upcoming ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ film.  Well, their collective prayers have now been answered, as Snyder’s production company “Cruel and Unusual Films” has posted the full color version in the motion picture section of their website. (which you can visit here) The photo is in the lower right and is still monochrome by default, but when you hover the mouse over the image it changes to the color version seen above.

For anyone unsure of the inspiration for the somewhat retro new design of the Batman costume, to the left is a picture of Batman from Frank Miller’s acclaimed graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ which is where Snyder is taking a lot of inspiration for the new film. From the reduced ears, the simplified yet huge bat symbol on the chest, and the light grey to dark grey color scheme, Affleck’s batsuit appears to have been lifted right off the pages of the classic graphic novel.

However, it should be noted that the batmobile featured in the photo does not match what was in ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ comic, which shows that while they may be borrowing a lot of elements, they are not taking everything. For example Jim Gordan is an ally of Bruce Wayne in the graphic novel, who both knows his secret identity and gives him advice on whether or not to head back into crime-fighting, which as was reported already, will be different in the movie as Gordan will be long since passed by the time the story of ‘Batman v Superman’ begins.

Regardless, it is comforting to think that the creative team has done their research, and is pulling from one of the better written Batman comics ever to be produced as inspiration, as that will certainly help elevate ‘Batman v Superman’ into a higher realm of superhero movie.

Source: Comicbook.com