It looks like Shawn Levy won’t be directing the Warner Bros. ‘Minecraft’ film anymore. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it has been confirmed that the director has left the project based on the popular videogame.

Levy, known primarily for his work on the ‘Night of the Museum’ series of movies, had been up to direct the ‘Minecraft’ film due to his previous experience working on projects revolving around turning larger ideas into focused films. However, sources had told The Hollywood Reporter that Levy’s vision was not aligning with the vision of others involved with the project.

Warner Bros. acquired the film rights to ‘Minecraft’ back in late February. It is being  produced by Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee, who was responsible for bringing ‘The LEGO Movie’ to life, alongside Jill Messick, executive producer of films such as ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘She’s All That’. Screenwriter couple Kieran and Michele Mulroney are also both attached to the project to help develop it.

‘Minecraft’ is a is a first-person building block sandbox game. Its core gameplay experience revolves around the minimalistic premise of having players mine resources during the day in order to build structures to ward off dangerous creatures during the night.

The game was originally released on Windows PC as a smaller-scale indie project. However, due to its massive success, it was then ported to consoles and various other portable devices like Android and iOS. The game has even recently received ports for both PS4 and Xbox One.

‘Minecraft’ was created by MOJANG, an indie developer based in Sweden. However, the studio had been recently acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, which actually prompted the founders  of the studio to resign from their positions in order to pursue other projects.

As of writing, the ‘Minecraft’ movie does not have a replacement director to helm the project, nor does it have a proposed release date just yet.