A new trailer for ‘Evolve’ has released that finally gives us a glimpse of the story that we can expect for the new mini-campaign mode called Evacuation.

After a while of simply showing the game as “go out and hunt that thing or face horrible death by alien creature,” Turtle Rock Studios has finally given a little bit of context of the game via story trailer below. From the looks of it, the story here focuses on an elite team of hunters who had been originally hired to protect one of the most valuable space colonies in existence on the planet Shear. However, due to the constant threat of hostile alien monsters making a nuisance there, these elite hunters have been instead tasked with evacuating all remaining inhabitants within five days.

All of this story is going towards the game’s announced Evacuation mode, a five round mini-campaign multiplayer mode that has up to five players players taking on a variety of different match types in sequence of each other.

The way the mode works is simple. First, both sides engage in a Hunt match, where the player controlling the alien monster gets a chance at killing off NPC creatures in order to increase their power. After that, players then have the choice at either a Nest or Rescue match for the next three rounds. Nest match has the alien monster player protecting their nest from hunters, while the Rescue match tasks hunters with saving wounded humans from the alien monster. This all eventually leads to a final round Defense match where the alien monster player must lead waves of minions against a heavily guarded human shelter that the hunters are defending.

Turtle Rock Studios is promising for Evacuation to be heavily dynamic in terms of match progression, with actions performed in one round being carried over to the next. For example, if the alien monster destroys a power plant in one round, clouds of radiation will spill out throughout the map in the following round. However, if the opposite occurs, hunters will then gain access to AI powered turrets that will assist the player. The final game is set to feature over 800,000 different possible match effects.

For those who may not know about ‘Evolve’, it is the next title by Turtle Rock Studios, a studio known for their work on the famous ‘Left 4 Dead’ series. To put it simply, it’s a five person cooperative/competitive first person shooter that pits four hunter players against one player controlling a ravenous alien monster capable of evolving in power the more it eats.

‘Evolve’ is set to for release for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on February 10, 2015. 

Source: Evolve Website, Evolve YouTube Page