It looks like the success of ‘Source Code‘ which starred Jake Gyllenhaal did well enough making $147 million world wide on a $30 million budget that Summit is coming back with a sequel! The company has Ben Ripley (‘Species: The Awakening’,’Species III’) returning to take on the script and while Duncan Jones (‘Warcraft‘,’Moon’) won’t be back , it looks as if Anna Foerster (‘Outlander‘,’Secret Hunter’) will be taking over to helm the film. At one point there was word of a series based off of the film but with nearly three years having gone by and no peep since, I don’t expect that we’ll be seeing that happen anytime soon.

At this time there is no news if we’ll see the return of Jake Gyllenhaal (‘End of Watch’,’Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’) to reprise his role as Colter Stevens. The original movie had Gyllenhaal as a man who had to repeat the same 8 minutes over repeatedly in order to identify the source of an explosion and find a way to stop it. With how this film ended, the sequel’s plot would probably depend on which version of events we’re seeing continued.

While the concept was a strong one, there have since been a slew of movies that take us repeating a moment until it’s gotten right (‘Edge of Tomorrow‘ for example) and I’m not sure if I want to see Gyllenhaal or whoever they pick to lead the next experiment in the “Source Code” program to help solve and prevent a major disaster.

The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures will be back in the producer end of the saddle. Foerster has had previous experience working with Gordon on ‘10,000 B.C.,’ ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ and ‘Army Wives’ so clearly the two have the same agenda on bringing film to the big and small screen.

Source: Variety