One of the most underused and yet massivly enjoyable portions of the last ‘Star Wars‘ trilogy was the inclusion of Samuel L Jackson as Mace Windu and we may not yet have seen the last of him. Sure he’s pretty busy these days working with Marvel as Nick Fury but as both Marvel and Lucas are owned by Disney these days it wouldn’t be surprising if the Mouse decided he could be freed up to work on a stand-alone as well, now could it?

This little nugget came up with new director A.J. Edwards recently did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit for his upcoming film ‘The Better Angels’ and was asked if the rumor that he might be in the director’s chair for one of the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ films was actually true. Seeing a return of one of the leaders of the Jedi Order on the High Council as well as the only wielder of a purple lightsaber is something we should all want to see!

Edwards responded to the question with two comments, both of which are quite surprising with how sworn to secrecy most of those related to the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ films have had to be. So what did he say?

“Talking about it, not able to say a lot yet” which was followed up with “It will focus on Mace Windu.”

Most of the filmmakers involved in the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ films have a bit of a history behind them with J.J. Abrams obviously having touched everything from ‘Fringe’ to ‘Star Trek’, Rian Johnson responsible for ‘Looper’, Gareth Edwards having just finished up ‘Godzilla‘, and Josh Trank‘s outstanding success of ‘Chronicle’ and his upcoming take on the ‘Fantastic Four‘ which most people think may be a train wreck.

Assuming this is real, even if A.J. Edwards doesn’t end up in the director’s chair, we may finally be seeing Jackson get the screen time that he deserves. Of course, his character clearly can’t be alive in the modern day films so this would have to be set prior or during the prequel films. Jackson has previously stated that “I pretty much hinted to J.J. that I wanted to be in the film at George Lucas’ wedding, and he was kinda like, ‘Mmm’, that was about the most I got out of him.”

We’d love to see you in the film too Jackson! Now one has to wonder if that “Mmm” was Abrams blowing the idea off or forming this rumored spin-off film in his mind.

While I would love to see Mace Windu pop up again, I have a feeling that there is a good chance that Edwards may have just been trolling the readers. However, what are your thoughts? Do you think we may see Jackson return to being a Jedi? Would this be another new ‘Star Wars’ film that you could get behind? Share your thoughts below!