As most True Believers have heard by now, Marvel Comics announced their upcoming 2015 crossover event ‘Secret Wars’ at this year’s New York Comic Con. While the name may sound familiar to fans, we’ve been assured that it will be different from the landmark storyline from the 1980s. In the three weeks following NYCC, a series of teaser images also calling back to other iconic comic arcs and featuring the phrase “Summer 2015” have made their way into the world. From ‘Civil War’ to ‘Planet Hulk’ to ‘Age of Apocalypse’ to  ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men,’ a number of Marvel’s most well-known tales from the past are making their way into the present and we had no idea why. But thanks to a recently released video, we have a pretty good idea.

Back in the original ‘Secret Wars’, an all-powerful cosmic entity called the Beyonder created a place called Battleworld and transported the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe there to fight one another. According to a video from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube page, Battleworld will be making a comeback, but this time it will be stitched together from all of the teased worlds to form the battlefield for the new story from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic. However, that one answer brings even more questions. For instance, how were these other worlds able to be brought together like this? Who has the power to do something like this? And how does the “Everything Ends” teaser tie in? Those answers may come in time, but until then, check out the lay of the land in the video below:

What do you think about the all-new Battleworld in ‘Secret Wars’? Which territories seem like the most dangerous to you? And are there any classic storylines that weren’t teased that you hope will make an appearance anyway? Let us know in the comment section.