In the previous issue of ‘All-New X-Factor’ we had jumped head long into the AXIS conflict where previously we saw the team, protected from Red Onslaught’s psychic influence, prevent the President of the United States launch a nuclear attack by stealing his ability to do so. Awesome? Well slightly, it would appear that this issue is furthering the AXIS tie-in and not everyone is too happy that Serval Industries has butted in and now a secret government force is trying to break in through their force field and get the package back.

As the one ‘AXIS’ tie-in this week, the story doesn’t really take into account anything we’re seeing on page in the main book as the events occur prior to that. Which is okay as it really was a great continuation from the previous issue and a fun read in its own right.

The downside? The military unit that was sent is piloting Sentinels. For how much flack S.H.I.E.L.D. just got from the X-Men for using Sentinels, I have to wonder what other Agency seems to have a fleet.

Peter David really knows these characters and I hate the fact that the book is so close to being cancelled as I don’t feel there is really enough time to do the storyline he probably had created justice. Almost every character here is given a moment to shine and some of them truly stand out.

Artwise? Carmine Giandomenico nails it once again and that even further saddens me that the book is coming to a close. While the few standard scenes looked fine, it was the action that was a true stand out and each panel that had a fight going on truly reflected the mutants’ abilities.

Honestly, it was all about the fighting on this one. We saw some great moments from Cypher, Danger, and Quicksilver. Also, their boss had a very human moment concerning his wife that almost felt out of place with everything that we know about him so far.

So what am I complaining about in this issue for not giving it a higher score? Honestly it isn’t the book itself which was both well written and illustrated. No, my issue was with the fact that Marvel forced this to be shoehorned into the AXIS story so that we have less of what is making this comic so much fun prior to their cancelling it.

That being the case, even though this issue is an ‘AXIS’ tie in, I can’t help but feel it was still able to be a positive forward push for the team that Peter David has made for the ‘All-New X-Factor.’ He gets to show off their powers and show them working fluidly together,. It really is just an all around win and I don’t want this ride to end. The events being shown are still prior to the Inversion going on in the main story line and it is unclear if those effects will hit every hero on the planet or only those close enough to the central blast. I kind of hope the latter as I don’t believe there is enough time for David to truly finish what he’s started if he has to go into that as well.


Writer: Peter David
Artist: Carmine Giandomenico