Many of us were immensely entertained to see Marty McFly ride a hoverboard in ‘Back to the Future Part II’. While there have been a couple of rumors floating around that hoverboards have existed for years, they’ve remained unfounded. However, it looks like a company from Los Gatos, California has actually created the hoverboard and it looks just as cool as you might’ve imagined.

Hendo Hoverboards has finally perfected the hoverboard prototype and is ready to share it with the world. The company recently shared a video on its Kickstarter page, showing the hoverboard in action. The hoverboard floats about an inch off the ground. It’s comprised of four disc-shaped hover engines that create a magnetic field. The company calls this Magnetic Field Architecture, or MFA, and has visions of utilizing this core technology to completely transform the way we transport ourselves from one location to another.

From Hendo Hoverboard’s Kickstarter page:

“We have a number of applications in mind, with industries that range from warehouse operations, to building foundation improvements, to novel methods of electromechanical fluid separation.

But what really excites us are the possibilities of applications we have no idea even exist- from new ways to harness energy, to replacing specific pieces of equipment in manufacturing processes; from the ordinary, to the exotic.”

As of now, the Hendo Hoverboard can only levitate on top of a non-ferromagnetic conductor (i.e. a metal sheet). While their Kickstarter page states they are currently coming up with new compounds for surfaces that allow hovering, they also feature designs for a hoverboard skate park.

Check out the hoverboard here:

Source: Hendo Hoverboards Kickstarter Page