Recently we reported that ‘Dracula Untold‘ was going to be the first film for the upcoming Universal Monster Cinematic Universe and that reshoots were done to connect the film to the other upcoming monster films. Now we have details on how that connection occurs.

Director Gary Shore originally wanted the movie to “be able to tell this story from beginning to end” and while the reshoots did still allow that to happen, they also opened the doors wide open for the wider universe.  According to Shore, “Looking at this one, they see this as their monster universe. That’s their catalogue. They want to be able to tap into that and make use of it. How they are going to create that architecture, I’m not quite sure. … When we were in post-production, they had announced that they were going to do something with this universe, which was around the same time we were going back for reshoots. So it made sense to be able to try and tie it in some way.”

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie you are probably going to want to turn back from the following spoiler. For those of you that have, it seems pretty obvious which scenes probably reflected this. At the end of the film, centuries into Luke Evans being a vampire and now stalking a woman who looks like his ex-wife, we see Charles Dance’s character. In the press notes he is describes as Master Vampire and the man who gave Vlad his powers to try and save his family.

Some have been referring this Master Vampire as the Monster Cinematic Universe’s version of Nick Fury. He seems to be assembling a team of monsters to fight a greater evil and with the closing words of “Let the games begin” it seems clear that this is only the beginning.

What do you think of Dance being the central figure to bringing a team of monsters together on the big screen? Do you think they have a winning formula here or is this being too shoehorned into the rest of the films as it was announced long before a shared universe even seemed to be on the table? Share your thoughts below!

Source” Cinema Blend