With The ‘Death of Wolverine‘ about to come to a close this week it should be no surprise to anyone that Marvel has just announced a new ‘Wolverine’ series. While it should be no surprise as we’ve heard a ton of rumors of what will happen during ‘The Logan Legacy’ and that eventually X-23 would come to take on the heroes name. Now though, Marvel has made it official during their ‘Death of Wolverine – The Logan Legacy’ panel at New York Comic-Con on what to expect from the series.

The new series will be written by Charles Soule who has been doing an outstanding job at the ‘Death Of Wolverine’ mini-series that takes Logan’s life as well as Ray Fawkes who has already written the first follow up titled ‘The Logan Legacy’ with art handled by Nick Bradshaw. The series will feature Mystique, Daken, Sabretooth, X-23 and more who are working at uncovering the secrets that lead to Wolverine’s death, which I suspect means that we are going to have some big mysteries this week when Wolverine finally bites the big one.

Great. If we get a fade to black moment and don’t actually see who kills Wolverine I think there are going to be a slew of angry readers.

Let’s take a look at an interior image and a few covers from the upcoming books:

What can we expect from the book? According to Soule:

“A “horror” movie without anything scary isn’t a horror movie. An “action” movie set entirely in a diner with two people talking isn’t actually an action movie. Similarly, a series entitled “Wolverines” without near-constant heroic sacrifices by high-school aged rebels isn’t worth the name.”

This seems fitting for a Wolverine-centric story.

Mike Marts, the editor on the the project, says that the storyline developed out of post-”Death of Wolverine” conversations they had with Soule:

“We combined those conversations with this strange obsession that Katie and I have with the weekly comics format, and voila! “Wolverines” was born.”

Thankfully it isn’t something that is being shoehorned in.

More importantly, though, is that Soule brought up that, “One of the main ideas with “Death Of Wolverine” from the start was to see what new things could come out of it – how was the Marvel Universe might be affected by Logan’s death. Some of that is explored in the fall series coming out right after the death (“The Weapon X Project” and “The Logan Legacy”), but we decided it would be fun to delve a little more deeply, and that’s where “Wolverines” began.”

The series is going to be a full on weekly series with each chapter directly leading into the next with true serial type of cliffhangers. Because of this, fans can also expect things to go a little darker and be more violent and action filled than anything with Wolverine from the past few years. According to Soule:

“One of the nice things about this particular group (X-23, Daken, Mystique, Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike, plus a new character I can’t wait for people to meet) is that they don’t have to always act in a particularly heroic way – and it’s certainly not predictable. Deathstrike doesn’t solve problems the same way, say, Captain America would – and she doesn’t have to, either. It opens a lot of story possibilities I think Ray and I are having a great time with. It’s very fast-paced, and very exciting.”

Of course the one true question is how can you have a Wolverine comic going without the main series? Well that’s pretty easy because if you want an annoying response from Marts he said that “Who said we don’t have Wolverine? ;-)” and Soule followed up with, “Yup. ;-) really hits it right on the head.”

We all know that the return of Wolverine is bound to happen. It probably won’t until the Fox and Marvel drama dies down but he’ll be returning down the line. If not the Wolverine we know we’ll end up seeing an alternate one or one from the past in ‘Secret Wars‘ which could always crossover into this as well.

Are you looking forward to ‘Wolverines’? Do you think they’ll do a good enough job with bringing together the characters involved to make this new series work? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: MTV