Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

After years of being ‘Lost in Space,’ the Robinson family is heading back to the small screen. According to reports, Legendary TV and the writers of this weekend’s film release  ‘Dracula Untold,’ Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, are working on rebooting the 1960s Irvin Allen series.

For those not familiar, ‘Lost in Space’ took place 30 years into the future (which would have made the series set in the 1990s at the time). As for the premise, the title pretty much explains it. The show followed the Robinson family who were part of a US program to colonize outer space but because of some sabotage, the ship and the crew instead became lost in space. On board the spaceship known as Jupiter 2 was Dr. John Robinson (played by Guy Williams), the family’s patriarch, his wife Dr. Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart) and their three kids: Judy, the oldest played by Marta Kristen, Penny, played by Angela Cartwright, and Will, played by Billy Mumy (yes, same Billy Mumy who was the controlling scary kid from that ‘Twilight Zone’ episode). Also on board was military pilot Major Don West, played by Mark Goddard, and the bumbling saboteur who caused the Robinsons to be lost, Dr. Zachary Smith (played by Jonathan Harris). However, one of the standout members of the team was the Class M-3 Model B9 Robot called Robot. Interesting tidbit: the composer of the show’s theme song is John Williams. Yes, the same John Williams who scored the iconic music from ‘Star Wars’!

The series lasted for 3 seasons and 83 episodes. A feature film version was made in 1998 which was written by Akiva Goldman (‘I am Legend,’ ‘I, Robot’) and directed by Stephen Hopkins (‘The Reaping,’ ‘Predator 2’). It starred William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Lacey Chabert, Jack Johnson, Matt LeBlanc and Gary Oldman as Dr. Smith. You can guess how far that film went in the box office!

The last attempt to reboot the series was about 10 years ago with a pilot directed by John Woo (‘Mission Impossible 2,’ ‘Paycheck’) but it was never picked up to series. Now it looks like the Jupiter 2 crew will once again grace the small screen.

No word yet if this will be a straight reboot or if new characters will be used but with Sazama and Sharpless both being big fans of the series and Legendary fully behind the project, you can bet this series will attempt to do the original proud.

Source: Deadline