Telltale Games, the studio behind the award winning ‘The Walking Dead’ game series, has just teased some new but vague information regarding their upcoming adventure game based on George R.R Martin’s hit fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones.’

The teaser comes in the form of the image above shared via Telltale Games’ Twitter. From what you can see, it contains a direct quote from Martin’s first book in the series ‘Game of Thrones.’

“…A wood of stubborn sentinel trees armored in grey-green needles, of mighty oaks, or iron woods as old as the realm itself.”

The studio had previously revealed a vague teaser in August for the upcoming game which had featured a quote from Martin’s fifth book in the series ‘A Dance With Dragons.’ So far, it is still unclear what it all means.

Telltale Games announced ‘Game of Thrones’ alongside ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ earlier last year at the 2013 Spike VGX Awards. The studio had been in negotiations with HBO for over a year in order to secure the license. Ever since its announcement, not much has been revealed about the game as far as content or even its official release platforms. All that is known so far is that the game is being developed in partnership with Martin’s personal assistant, Ty Corey Franck, who is acting as a “story consultant” for the project. Despite the vague details they have released so far, Telltale promises to reveal more soon.

‘Game of Thrones’ will be an episodic game series very much like Telltale Game’s past two series ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us.’ <-*link newest wolf among us article* It is set to feature similar gameplay where player choices and actions will have significant effects on later parts of the game.

Telltale Games’ ‘Game of Thrones’ is expected to launch on home consoles, PC and Mac sometime in late 2014.