With ‘Alien: Isolation’ literally right around the corner, SEGA has put out a launch trailer for all sci-fi horror junkies to enjoy.

The first-person survival horror game’s cinematic launch trailer showcases even more of the story of Amanda Ripley. Set to Mirel Wagner’s song “Red” later in the trailer, tidbits of the game’s survival horror gameplay are shown as well as the famous Xenomorph in all of its glory.

Taking place 15 years after the events of ‘Alien,’ players control Amanda Ripley as she tries to find out details about her lost mother, iconic series hero Ellen Ripley, on a space station called Sevastapol. Naturally, nothing goes according to plan as a Xenomorph along with other unknown terrors have already set up shop in the station.

Having been nominated for over 50 different awards from gaming publications, ‘Alien: Isolation’ is becoming a much anticipated game for fans of the franchise, especially since the negative reception and controversy of Gearbox’s ‘Alien: Colonial Marines’ back in 2013. With its traditional survival horror premise and gameplay, ‘Alien: Isolation’ marks the first time in a while that a game in the ‘Alien’ game franchise is utilizing more of the Ridley Scott-esque horror tone.

In association with Twentieth Century Fox, ‘Alien: Isolation’ is being developed by The Creative Assembly, a British studio primarily known for their work on the ‘Total War’ strategy game series. ‘Alien Isolation’ will mark the studio’s first foray into the survival horror genre.

People who preorder the game will receive a free upgrade to the Nostromo Edition, which features DLC mission that lets players play as Ellen Ripley, Dallas or Parker from the original ‘Alien’ film. The game will also receive a Season Pass upon launch which will expand on the game’s Survivor Mode.

‘Alien: Isolation’ is coming out on October 7 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.