The time is nigh. ‘Arrow’ Season 3 premieres this Wednesday, October 8th on the CW. In preparation for the premiere and to wet the appetites of all the fans who have been eagerly anticipating the show’s return, ‘Arrow’ producers have begun to release clips from the premiere. Below is the most recent:

In the action-packed clip, we see the new Vertigo (Peter Stormare) inject the Arrow (Stephen Amell) with the latest concoction of the Vertigo drug, and then duke it out with the man in green. They quickly explain that though the original Count Vertigo is dead, his legacy and his drug live on. With the poison rushing through his system as Vertigo explains that the new drug will bring out his worst fears. The Arrow hallucinates that Vertigo becomes Oliver Queen. Face to face with himself, the Arrow is powerless as “Oliver” begins his assault, viscously pummeling our hero as the Arrow struggles to comprehend what he is seeing. Fortunately, at the end of the clip, Diggle (David Ramsey) comes in to save the day, halting Vertigo’s attack after firing off a few warning shots.

Already it seems Oliver is back in the thick of things, and it is exciting to know that Diggle will still be in the mix despite his new role as a father. This season will also introduce Ray Palmer, aka ‘the Atom’ (Brandon Routh) as the latest business executive intent on running Queen Consolidated, as well as deal with the ramifications of Oliver’s lost fortune and family. The show has also confirmed that we will see Roy (Colton Haynes) suited up this season, as well as finally see progression in the Oliver/ Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) love story, with the premiere involving a potential date for the two of them. And of course, the newly aware Laurel (Katie Cassidy) will be joining Oliver’s inner circle, which could complicate things even further for Oliver and Felicity.

The ‘Arrow’ Season 3 premiere is directed by Glen Winter with the story by Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, and will air this coming Wednesday at 8pm on the CW. Look for the recap (done by yours truly) to be posted the next day!

Source: Comic Book Movie