Perhaps looking to replace the beloved, but lowly rated ‘Community’, or more likely, looking to compete with the top sitcom on TV, CBS’s ‘Big Bang Theory‘, NBC is developing a sitcom based on the classic 80s movie ‘Real Genius’, the movie that essentially introduced the world to Val Kilmer.

The original movie focused on a group of nerds who attended the college Pacific Tech and who were employed to help develop a satellite based laser weapon.  Kilmer played Chris Knight (not to be confused with the actor that played Peter Brady), the ringleader of the group who, despite his intelligence came across as more of a hip, surfer dude.  His sidekicks were more traditionally geeky and quirky, which should translate well to a TV series.

But as I said, this heavily mirrors ‘Community’, with Joel McHale’s Jeff as a smug, hipster surrounded by more oddball characters.  Unfortunately, the masses didn’t tune into this cult classic show, which might have just been slightly too left of center.  Perhaps 80s nostalgia and built-in recognition will give ‘Real Genius’ a boost.

The TV series will be produced by Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison.  The pilot will be written by Craig DiGregorio (‘Workaholics’) and David King (‘Parks and Recreation’).  The new version sounds to be tweaked from the original.  Instead of the cast being college students, it will be reset as a “workplace comedy.” (*Cough* ‘Big Bang Theory’.)  But hopefully, the writers will come up with something original, rather than ripping off CBS’s established hit.

The movie’s star, Val Kilmer went on to play the iconic role of Iceman in ‘Top Gun’ (and was responsible for turning hundreds of impressionable young boys gay… I mean…)

He also played Batman in ‘Batman Forever’ before kind of disappearing and getting fat.

What do you think?  Will you be tuning into ‘Real Genius’?

Source: Deadline