Part of the fun of fantasizing about yourself as a superhero is imagining what your action figures would look like. For some lucky fans, seeing yourself as an action figure will soon become a reality.

Marvel (Disney) and Hasbro have teamed up with a 3D printing company called 3DPlusMe to present Super Awesome Me where fans can create customized action figures of Iron Man or Captain America with their faces on them.

Super Awesome Me takes is taking place at 12 Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the country as part of Disney Consumer Products’ Marvel Super Hero September. Fans can head to one of these locations and have their faces scanned. In four weeks, a brand new 12-inch action figure with their face is created utilizing 3D printer technology. The total cost comes to $45.

As of now, fans can only choose between Captain America or Iron Man. Clearly, this is a little more than unfair for female comic book fans. However, the FAQ section on the Super Awesome Me website states to stay tuned for future announcements regarding new figures. Perhaps this oversight will be rectified.

Super Awesome Me runs from now until September 28.