While Zack Snyder may have shown off the first official image of the Batomobile grom ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,’ a few bystanders where the film is shooting have caught Bats’ new ride in action on the streets of Detroit. That means we get to share those videos with you! While the first teaser of the vehicle didn’t include the guns from the official image, it did give us all something we wanted to know – what would Batman be driving around in? Even though the second teaser didn’t really answer that question either, later teasers did from the filming did.

Today’s videos now give us the Batmobile in action up close. A few early rumors had Batman often using drones to fight crime and if his driving in these videos is any indication we’d better hope he’s driving it as a drone. Or perhaps he hasn’t been behind the wheel in awhile and that’s why he isn’t taking those corners too well?

The first two videos are by the same user (one of them even has music!) and they really did a great job at capturing the Batmobile in action. She claim to have climbed a wall to get the shots and from the angle they are taken it wouldn’t surprise me if that was partially true. “Climbing buildings to creep on #batman. I’m all about that #catwomanlife”

While this third video isn’t quite as good as the first two it does give us a different perspective to check out.

Holy amazing Batman! I can’t wait to see that in full motion and shot properly on the big screen. While I can’t speak for the entire movie until we know more, I really think that at the very, the portions with the Batmobile will be epic to behold!

What do you think of the latest shots of the new Batmobile? Are you looking forward to every scene that this gets included in?

‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is scheduled for theatrical release on May 6th, 2016.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter