Sega has announced that the much anticipated survival horror game ‘Alien: Isolation’ will be receiving a season pass giving its new ‘Survivor Mode’ expanded content for 6 months.

For those unfamiliar, ‘Alien: Isolation’ is a first person survival horror game based on the famous film franchise that puts players in the role of Amanda Ripley, daughter of iconic hero Ellen Ripley, as she investigates the disappearance of her mother in a space station named Sevastopol. However, all is not as it seems because just like what you would have come to expect out of any situation in this franchise, a Xenomorph has already infested the station.

‘Survivor Mode’ is a new mode separate from single player and bonus modes that offers players the purest form of Alien: Isolation’s’ horror based gameplay by throwing them into specially designed challenges where they must race against the clock to complete levels in whatever way they can all while being hunted. Performance in ‘Survivor Mode’ will influence the player’s overall final score which can then be shared with the community via leaderboards.

The game will feature one playable map for the mode upon release. On October 28, the first of five expansion packs will come out with the first pack featuring three additional maps, each with specific objects and challenges, a brand new playable character as well as vary the enemy types in maps even more. The following months will then offer four more expansion packs featuring more playable characters, maps and challenges.

Every single post-release DLC content for ‘Alien: Isolation’ can be bought in its entirety through a season pass for 25% off the price of buying them all separately. All content is expected to be released by March 2015.

‘Alien: Isolation’ is planning to bring sci-fi induced terror to gamers on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on October 7.

Source: IGN