got to catch up with Alec Peters, one of the co-creators of ‘Star Trek: Axanar‘ and learn a little more about the series. Check out the interview below: (SF): What makes ‘Star Trek: Axanar’ different from other fan-funded Star Treks, like Tim Russ’ ‘Star Trek: Renegades’?

Alec Peters (AP): Axanar has almost an entirely professional crew in front of and behind the camera.  That means we really aren’t a fan film.  We are a professional production.  I think “Renegades” attempts to do much the same.  We are both trying to raise the bar from the true fan films.  Not that there is anything wrong with fan films, which are fans getting together to make Star Trek.  But our goals are just different.

SF: You have so many great actors that are a part of this project. How did they all get involved?

AP: I asked them.  Starting with Richard Hatch, who was my first acting coach 20 years ago.  Then we asked JG, who knew Richard and so on and so on.

SF: Why do you think there hasn’t been a new Star Trek series, despite the popularity of the new movies?

AP: Because Bad Robot’s agreement with CBS prevents CBS from making a new TV series until JJ is through with his third movie.  Pretty simple!

SF: Why did you decide on making a spin-off as a documentary instead of a live-action movie?

AP: Because we could do something very different and also, very cost effective.  Almost all the live action is on green screen.  So we didn’t have to build sets, which can get very expensive.

SF: You made six times your goal for the Kickstarter! Was this more than you even hoped for?

AP: No, we really need about $ 750,000 to make the movie, so we will need to raise more funds.  But as with ‘Prelude to Axanar,’ our fans know that they are donating to something special and we spend every dollar very carefully so you see the quality on screen.

SF: How did it feel when George Takei directed people to fund your project?

AP: We were honored!  To have one of the greats mention us TWICE on Facebook really blew us away.  We have a special place in our heart for George.