While Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment may seem to have a stranglehold on the cinematic comic adaptations, it would appear that Image Comics might be getting in on the game with a movie of their Superman like character that Rob Liefeld created known as ‘Supreme.’

This isn’t the first foray for Image as they tried to get a film going once in the past with the financial flop known as ‘Spawn.’ These days though? Comic movies are clearly big with Marvel popping out half a billion dollar features left and right with DC’s ‘Man of Steel’ raking in $650 million and feeling much more like the character that is Supreme instead of the Superman that long term fans were expecting.

With that being the case, it should be no surprise that Robert Liefeld is fielding calls from Hollywood about having the actual ‘Supreme’ be turned into a feature length film. So who is interested in bringing the character to the big screen? It’s unclear right now but it seems that it isn’t just one studio that is interested so far, but two.

Which two studios, however, isn’t too clear quite yet. It’s a pretty safe bet that Warner Brother is out with their connection to DC and Fox, Disney, and Sony are out with their ties to Marvel. My bet is that it’ll be two of the other major studios. With Supreme being basically the an alternate version of Superman that was more the egocentric superior super hero than any the iconic savior of the human species, this film could go pretty dark.

While comic movies might be doing great, I’m not going to actually hold my breath and assume right off the bat that this film will hit the half a billion mark in revenues. Of course, I could always be wrong.

For the movie itself, in an ideal world they would follow the Alan Moore story line since that really revolves far too much around the events that Liefeld had previously created putting pen to paper. I highly doubt that he’d be pushing for someone else’s ideas to get the big screen treatment over his own. The other thought? The current comic story arc seems just strange and out there enough to become a filling origin story, depending how it continues to play out.

Would you be happy to see Supreme getting his own movie? Which studios do you think may be contacting the writer about putting the cinematic version together?

Source: Cinema Blend